by Jacopo Luperi

Jan Dzulko, founder of everphone

"Once I sold my company, for the first time in my life I was working for somebody else who mentored me and gave me active and sometimes hard feedback. All of a sudden, I saw I had a lot of weaknesses: I had to learn humility."
Interview 5 min read
by Jacopo Luperi

Sophie Chung, founder of Qunomedical

"The travel ban hit Qunomedical hard. We shut down all our marketing and went into kurzarbeit. Before, I couldn't imagine handling motherhood while managing a company during a global crisis. My maternity leave lasted one day. There was no choice."
Interview 3 min read
by Jacopo Luperi

Matthias Henze, co-founder of Jimdo

"If we don't need a monitor, I do walking meetings. Everyone is more relaxed in this context. Even though we don't follow a super structured agenda while walking, we tend to automatically get to the important topics and spend more time deep-diving."
Interview 4 min read
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