Advice you can action.

by Jacopo Luperi

Renaud Visage, founder of Eventbrite

"You’re bravely facing a world full of unknowns and dangers, confidently armed with your tiny board/product, reassured by the presence of other surfers/founders, ready to conquer the next big waves and have the experience of a lifetime."
Interview 6 min read
by Jacopo Luperi

Matt Robinson, founder of Nested and GoCardless

"The day you stop learning is the day you die. In Greek literature, there’s this concept called Hamartia. It’s the tragic flaw of a protagonist or hero that typically leads to their downfall. I think a lot about it. Someone’s biggest strength is often their biggest weakness."
Interview 5 min read
by Jacopo Luperi

Jan Dzulko, founder of everphone

"Once I sold my company, for the first time in my life I was working for somebody else who mentored me and gave me active and sometimes hard feedback. All of a sudden, I saw I had a lot of weaknesses: I had to learn humility."
Interview 5 min read
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